How to build websites automatically that humans actually like

I’ve been experimenting with a new product over the last couple of weeks. It lets you build good-quality, human-friendly, search-engine friendly, content-rich sites fast. And you can include your AdSense JavaScript and any affiliate links too.

By fast I mean in 30 minutes. So you could build and publish 16 content-rich sites in an 8 hour day if you really wanted to. Seriously.

(If you want to skip the rest of this articles and just see more details click this link

Chuck in your own AdSense code plus any affiliate links you want and you’re looking at a way of dramatically expanding your online presence in a way that the search engines will respond to. Result: increased traffic and income potential.

Most auto-generated websites are rubbish in my view. They may appeal to the search engines for a short period but then they get banned. This system is different and much, much better.

The sites it generates are interesting to real people and I know this for a fact because on average each visitor to mine goes to just over 2 pages. This may not sound like a lot but the sad fact is that most people only ever look at 1 page on a site before disappearing again for ever because they are just not engaged in the content.

I’ve actually seen people on my generated sites visit 9 pages over a period of 6 or 7 minutes. You simply don’t get this behavior from people landing on most automatically generated sites because they are dull and not human-friendly. Not so with this system.

Over time good content rich sites like these attract that magical free search engine traffic we are all after which can only be Good News.

So do the sites this system builds work well with AdSense? Read what happened to the designer and then you decide.

His name is David Watson and he went on holiday at the beginning of January to Gambia. 2 weeks later he came back and found that he’d earned over 5300 dollars from AdSense on his automatically generated sites. You can see the proof here

I tracked David down a few weeks back (he lives not far from me) and have since spoken to him on the phone for several hours to find out exactly why his system works so well and how it differed from all the other automatic systems for generating sites.

The key points are that it generates good quality content from a database of over 20000 articles that come with it. You select the topic you want your new site to be about by entering some keywords and it then locates all the relevant articles before randomly assembling them as web pages. (You have a lot of control over this process but a little bit of inaccuracy saves tons of explanation!)

Each web page contains links to several other articles in a clever way that ends up making each version of each article UNIQUE. This in turn ensures that even if 20 people made a site using the same keywords and the same template they would all look different as far as the search engines are concerned and in fact they would be different too.

Each article will be different and the links on each page to other articles will also be different.

If all this sounds complex it isn’t really. The system does all the work for you. You just need to tell it what your site is to be about and it does the rest while you grab a coffee.

Take a look at a couple of examples I’ve built using this tool and see how it could work for you.

The first one I put together the first time I used the program and I guess it took about an hour all told. The next one was a lot faster because I knew what I was doing.

So how could you use this system?

You could create a series of sites around high paying keywords, link to them from some forum posts, some articles and blog posts so that they got indexed.

Once the traffic starts to come you can then monetize with AdSense or affiliate program income.

If you are more concerned with attracting traffic to an existing site you can set up one of these sites to get traffic in the first place and then place an article as the home page that leads people onto your other site.

This system really is neat and it is not expensive either. Check it out at

With best wishes

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