Search term variants get AdSense traffic, Free

Yesterday I took a quick look at one of my web sites and was intrigued to see some of the keywords used to find it. There were some search phrases I would never have thought of such as “intriguing facts about psychology”. I can honestly say that I have never had any intention of ranking well for that phrase but I do anyway because I used an automated website building tool to create the site and it builds sites designed to attract free traffic. It’s my old favorite, Website Article Wizard.

It works.
What this situation also illustrates is just how complicated the world of search really is and how easy it is to overlook potentially valuable keywords and phrases that could get you free traffic.

There’s a test you can try that proves my point.

Go to any search engine and type in the phrases

* cheap website hosting, and
* cheap web site hosting

What you’ll probably see is that different websites rank in the top positions for each phrase. The outcome will actually vary according to which search engine you use and where you are too.

The implication of this is that if you only optimize your pages for one keyword or phrase when many other similar phrases could be used you are simply throwing away the opportunity to get free traffic.

Simplistically, assuming that the two above phrases are used equally by searchers, then each site is ignoring about 50% of its available traffic from those searches because they are only optimizing for one
phrase rather than two.

There’s a reasonable likelihood that if the site that is ranked first for “cheap website hosting” had an identical page which used the phrase “cheap web site hosting” throughout instead it would rank in first place for both terms.

It would then get twice as much traffic from this type of search.

And for what cost? Nothing more than the cost of hosting one additional page which is pretty much zero.

Search traffic is a highly competitive area and yet you only have to be a little bit smarter than your competitors to start winning. So what can you do to get that little bit smarter?

The solution

It involves replacing words throughout your web pages with synonyms i.e. words or phrases that mean the same thing such as anyone/anybody, fast/quick, strange/odd etc. and then publishing your new pages alongside the existing ones.

This is a laborious process but if you are serious about getting all the free traffic you can to boost your AdSense earnings, it is a highly effective strategy and it is where the product that I mentioned last week called Website Content Wizard comes it.

What Website Content Wizard does is automate the process of finding words and phrases in your articles and replacing them with words and phrases of the same or similar meaning. It works with your existing content too.

If you really want to go overboard you can then use a translation tool like Translation Gold to convert all your articles into foreign language versions too. Again, automatically.

This will dramatically increase your web presence without you having to do much work and you should then start to see more visitors. But don’t forget that new pages on sites can take a while to get into the search indexes so give it time.

With best wishes


PS There’s a special deal on at the moment: if you buy Website Content Wizard you can get Website Article Wizard at a significant discount. The two products are ideally suited to each other and specifically there is
an “export” function within WCW that lets you add your newly generated content directly into WAW ready for publication and inclusion in the site map etc.

PPS If you happen also to be looking for cheap web hosting, try Hostgator who offer a fixed price deal for as many domain names as you’ve got.

It’s a good solution if you are looking to build lots of sites and want to keep your hosting costs down and not have too much admin to do.

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