Cost Per Action AdSense ads

There’s some news this week from Google about Cost per Action AdSense ads. These are currently in beta meaning that they are not ready yet for a full international launch. Not many people are being allowed to try them out yet but I thought you might appreciate a quick update.

Cost per Action ads pay you only when a particular action takes place AFTER the ad is clicked. You get paid nothing for the click alone.

There are 2 main events that count: generating a sales lead and generating a sale.

Advertisers will be able to decide which they want to pay for and will decide how much to pay depending on the ability of their websites to convert visitors into profitable customers.

You won’t get paid for every click and it is too early to work out whether CPA ads will increase your AdSense earnings overall.  My guess is that they will because, from the advertiser’s perspective, the advertising process is de-risked: they know that all their budget will result in leads or sales.  Therefore they will be prepared to be more aggressive with their AdWords bidding.

If you don’t want to wait for AdSense you might be interested in other CPA networks.

I’ve just joined one and have posted a short note about it on this page

More traffic for you?

I’ve also included a link on that page to a neat traffic generation system that is free to join and doesn’t require you to build any networks before it starts to work. All you have to do is browse the internet and you get traffic. Neat!

With best wishes


PS PLRpro update: The price for this top quality Private Label Rights site is jumping by a massive $30 a month in about a week’s time. If you sign up now you lock in the lower price for the duration of your subscription.

The reason they are raising their price is because demand for their service is very strong and there are only a limited number of spots available. More info from

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